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about me

I am a psychologist by education, I work with people every day, but my passion are also the animals that have been accompanied me since my childhood. There were fish, hamsters, mice, parrots, rabbits, cats, dogs … My parents let me bring pigeons with broken wings and other wild birds home, I remember how Dad helped me to prepare boxes for them, and my mother brought them something to eat, so we fed them, we drank them, then we let them out of the balcony, and they flew up high … they were beautiful, joyous moments. Today, my home is filled with furry friends: dogs, kittens and kittens that are with us for the first 12 weeks. I have two children who are also brought up with animals from early childhood, learn sensitivity from them and develop their emotional intelligence. What is beautiful in animals is not only that they are great companions, human friends, but also teachers. Observing their behavior, we can learn a lot from them … they live “here and now”, which for us people is often very troublesome, because instead of focusing on the present moment we drift in the expectations of the future, or we worry about what was in the past. Of course, not everyone does;), but it is certain that animals live the fullness of the present moment. Animals are present and always near us … where we, there and them …


I invite you to get to know a great breed of cats – lykoi – werewolves cats that have stolen our hearts …




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